February 10, 2014

Lady Leiden

My favorite lens (of the two digital lenses I own), is fixed! It's been broken for so long and finally my
friend was able to fix it. I've been carrying it around ever since. It's wonderful to be photographing
again. Going out, walking around, seeing something out of the ordinary to photograph is a feeling
that I've long missed! Often when I come home to edit my photos, I haven't really realized what
exactly I've captured until I've sat down and had a clear look at them. This brings me to believe that 
when I'm taking photos, I'm not thinking. Or at least not analyzing everything like I normally am. 
It's nice not to constantly be thinking about something, or several different things. I was encouraged by
one of my best friends to post on this blog again and so in honor of him, I present the first post of 

(also this song is awesome: Disclosure - You & Me)

September 03, 2013

Webster Orientation / Copacabana

Very happy to have met a lot of lovely people during the Webster orientation two weeks ago! 
Last on the orientation program was dinner in Scheveningen. We ate delicious food, played some 
volleyball, and sat on the beach talking with an occasional song or two in between. I'm so fortunate 
to be with such a friendly group of people!